Outer Space – Akashic Record (Events: 1986​-​1990)


[ Spectrum Spools, 2012 ]

The astro-drone giant Emeralds spin-off project Outer Space led by John Elliott gradually turned into a sort of a collective, where Elliott was the leader, and the cast was constantly rotating, switching between different musicians mostly from the Mid-West experimental scene. On their (so far) final vinyl record Akashic Record, the Outer Space crew present their probably most polished work to date, fusing romantic Berlin school aesthetics with much more alien synthscapes, relating to the earlier, bubbling experiments of Elliott and his Emeralds crew. Atonal, alien soundworlds a’la Cluster ’71 evolves seamlessly into an arpeggio-filled shining ambient catharsis filled with crystalline sequencers and multilayered psychedelia. Music to cleanse your brain to. Recommended!


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