Gazawat – But I Believe In Torture. And I Will Torture You.


[ Mozdok, 2016 ]

Gazawat is the moniker of the solo drone/noise edavours of Warsaw resident and BDTA and Mozdok label honcho Michał Turowski. Imagine The Skaters hooked up on the imagery that fueled Vatican Shadow for years: terrorism, war atrocities, torture instead of armchair shamanism and you might be close: extremely hazy, lo-fi guitar & synth ambient soup mixed with snippets of news services and American armymen talking about their methods of torture in prisons such as Abu Ghraib. It’s a lo-fi alienation nightmare meeting plunderphonics for the first time, not an easy, but definitely a fascinating and unnerving listen, especially when you listen to the recordings from the actual waterboarding. Like watching an aftermath of a serious car accident: you know it’s atrocious, but you just can’t turn your head.


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