Jachna / Mazurkiewicz / Buhl – Dźwięki Ukryte


[ Instant Classic, 2016 ]

The Polish experimental jazz trio Jachna / Mazurkiewicz / Buhl, consisting of members of such Polish heavyweights as Innercity Ensemble or Alameda 5 like to expand their sound slowly and carefully, gradually unfolding their compositions before the listener. Despite Dźwięki ukryte (Polish for “hidden sounds”) being most likely a one-off collaboration between the members of the aforementioned sounds, there is an immediately recognizable psychedelic atmosphere characterized by the rich production and elaborate production effects. While the general sound of the album might be defined as “jazz” or “free jazz”, depending on your limits for openness, there are many more genres contributing: a bit of ambient here, a bit of drone there, some experimental music aesthetics hovering above, like a ghost… Dźwięki ukryte might be the psych-powered Polish jazz jam of the year. Recommended!


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