Lanark Artefax – Glasz


[ UIQ, 2016 ]

Fresh from Lee Gamble’s brand new UIQ label comes the debut release by the Glaswegian futurist Lanark Artefax. This EP is a mirror labyrinth of decomposing grime beats, metallic surfaces scratching each other and disembodied android vocals together building an image of ADHD-oriented future music, constantly shifting and morphing, uncapable of keeping a regular rhythm for longer than the attention span of a goldfish. But that’s OK, these days we all have an attention span of a goldfish. Glasz is just yet another reminder of how scattered our minds have become in this age of acceleration, a release full of flickering moments that almost manage to create a melody or a structure (most coherently realized on the title track), yet always strays away from the center of gravity. A trippertronic treat for the impatient. Intriguing!


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