Eartheater – RIP Chrysalis


[ Hausu Mountain, 2015 ]

RIP Chrysalis by the Queens based Alexandra Drevchin, a.k.a. Eartheater, who is also a member of the acclaimed psych rock ensemble Guardian Alien is a thoroughly brain-cleansing psych/avant pop album. Glimmering psychedelic synths meet rustic folk instrumentarium and the equal parts haunting and angelic vocals by Alexandra herself make for a magical mixture. There is a lot of trippy magic flowing through these songs, fusing simple folk melodies with pagan mysticism and the retro-futuristic, hauntological aspect of analog synthesizers. The album flows between both areas – while it sometimes becomes almost fully ambient-like and electronics, it can also be purely folk, nearly medieval at times, clinging strictly to the classics. In summary, RIP Chrysalis is a fascinating listen, fusing the Past, the Present and the Future into an untouchable Timeless. Recommended!


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