Carlos Niño & Friends – Flutes, Echoes, It’s All Happening!


[ Leaving Records, 2016 ]

Magical, warped cosmic jazz impressions by the super-talented Los Angeles multi-instrumentalist Carlos Niño assisted by a dream team of jazz and electronic musicians including Iasos, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Kamasi Washington, Madlib and more. It’s definitely a psychedelic mix, fusing trippy New Age aesthetics with flowerly jazz arrangements and semi-hiphop beats to create a truly enveloping, spacious music for all the sweet leaf afficionados who just can’t live without a little true jazz to spice things up. It’s sophisticated, but not overtly intellectual. It’s fun, but not brainless fun. Imagine Flying Lotus meeting a classic jazz ensemble from the 60’s and some 70’s New Age synth hippie weirdo and you might be close. A combination of both discipine and inebration. Recommended!


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