Life update: New job, new problems

This will not be a music post. Instead, I wanted to write about some updates in my life and ask you for a little help.

I changed my job again a month ago. I’m still an English teacher, because I love this job despite the laughably low pay for teachers in Poland. Now I teach English at yet another school, and it’s the first time I’m not being a replacement for a female teacher on maternity leave. However, despite being more stable than my previous job at school, this one is unfortunately paid less. Due to some expenditures connected with changing the job and simple bad luck I got myself in a tough financial situation. The sum I need to survive this month until everything smooths out and goes back on track is not large: about 100 dollars will be perfectly enough. Every sum you donate gets me closer to the surface.

I know you saved my life once and I’m counting on your help once again. Every bit of help is greatly appreciated. In the meantime, I’ll keep posting wonderful albums (I’ve got quite a few bombs always waiting in my post queue) and I’m planning to resume some work on Optiplex label, too. Stay tuned!


2 Comments on “Life update: New job, new problems”

  1. chestr0ny says:

    Gimme your PayPal address, apparently is not available in my country.

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