Sefff – Coats


[ Sickonasty, 2016 ]

Remember that KWJAZ album I posted about a month ago? Now imagine that album even hazier (is that even possible?), more abstract and focused even more on the sound collage aspect, which appears to exist solely to confuse the listener as much as possible? Ladies and gentlemen, please hear Coats by the mysterious act Sefff, released by the Californian tape imprint Sickonasty (quite a fitting name, isn’t it?). Combining hypnagogic tape hiss and low quality production with warped samples and recordings and an occasional scrap of a rhythm or a melody here or there, Coats feels like an attempt at wandering for the sake of wandering: two side-long trakcs mutate and evolve slowly while the occasional microscopic fragment of a recorded sample or melody pops up from the sound soup.


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