International Debris – Opaline


[ BLCR Laboratories, 2016 ]

While the beginnings of the British “genrequeer” musician Ross Baker aka International Debris reach the vaporwave fog with a ravey edge, his newest release Opaline seems to be taking cues from early 90’s British IDM scene. The opening 20-minute hypno-zone “Bone Breaker’s Mountain” sound like a perfect Articificial Intelligence beat stretched to half-infinity, like early Autechre trying to put themselves in a trance via sheer repetition. Next up is the acidic techno of “The Old Man of the Woods”, playing New Agey synth pads between against an oldschool 4/4 beat, where the shimmering drones gradually decay and degrade into bleep bloopery fuckery. The closing “Fountainkeeper” brushes tape drone sequencer against early OPN ambient aesthetics, making you think of all those home labels in the late 2000’s and early 2010’s. Great, psychedelic IDM trip. Recommended!


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