Jakub Lemiszewski – DAAAMN


[ Polish Juke, 2016 ]

Daaamn indeed! Polish electronic wizard Jakub Lemiszewski has done some evolution since HERMES and Diana and decided to go ballistic, strapping his music to a rocket and firing it all the way to Chicago to return with a hyperactive take on footwork, turning the juke level all the way up to 11. Man, this goes hard! The album is total slave to the rhythm, be it the irregular, jagged juke pinball machine insanity or the hard-to-penetrate techno full of meticulously cut-up and arranged samples and microsounds, making an incredibly energetic, busy and detailed music, while never falling into any footwork cliches (oversimplificiation, too many annoying sample repetitions). DAAAMN maanges to stay over the top and perfectly controlled at the same time in a genre where there’s a very thin line between sounding fresh and being a mere copy. This hits hard!! Highly recommended!!


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