Jakub Adamec – Are You Human? Confirmed.


Mik.Musik.!. / BDTA / Flesh & Brain, 2016 ]

The captcha codes. The simple words or phrases written in warped text in order to prevent computer algorithms from abusing different services, such as file storage systems. They became a target or ridicule, even getting memes centered around them, but also posed some unexpected deep philosophical questions, such as an eerie “are you human?”. 17 years after the release of The Matrix, reality is stranger than fiction, with the man becoming the President of the USA largely thanks to filter bubbles, bots and memes and the number of fake news sites proliferating to a degree no one can the bullshit from the truth. Czech musician Jakub Adamec plays on these sentiments, creating an album full of automated, fucked up dystopian technoid electronics ripe with plunderphonic experiments and speech synthesisers, like an evil James Ferraro making techno music. With its frenetic beats and a dusty, lo-fi atmosphere it creates an atmosphere of fear and alienation, the stand-out being “Take Me to the Light”, a hazy techno steamroller filled with bloodcurdling screams, like a Boiler Room party with a serial killer among the crowd. Are we human? Or are we just lines of code in a sophisticated simulation? 2016 seems more fucked up than ever before. And there’s still some 60 years to live. That’s pretty fucking terrifying. Recommended!

SPRZEDAM: Gramofon ION Profile Flash

Due to a bad financial situation I am forced to sell my ION Profile Flash turntable. Since it’s a rather bulky device and it’s rather impossible to ship it to another country, this is an offer for customers living in Poland. I’m really sad that I have to do it, but I don’t have any  other choice. I’ve tried to sell it a few times already, I’m trying again. This might be my last chance. The rest of the post will be in Polish.

SPRZEDAM Gramofon ION Profile Flash.

Stan techniczny: bardzo dobry

– gramofon USB / Direct-to-SD Card
– zamiana płyt winylowych do pliku MP3 i zapis bezpośrednio na kartę SD lub przez USB do systemu komputerowego
– bezpośrednie nagrywanie bez użycia komputera
– odtwarzanie płyt z szybkoscią 33 1/3 i 45
– wyjście liniowe z wbudowanym przedwzmacniaczem gramofonowym, umożliwia podłączanie do AUX/wejście liniowe na wzmacniacz HiFi/odbiornik
– stereo mini-wejście jack umożliwia digitalizację innych źródeł dźwięku, takich jak radio lub magnetofon

– port USB
– wyjście liniowe (2xcinch)
– mini wejście stereo

CENA: 150 złotych

Zainteresowanych proszę o kontakt poprzez Facebooka (zarówno osobiste konto, jak i fanpage Weed Temple), lub e-mail.

Les Halles – Transient


[ Not Not Fun, 2016 ]

Les Halles is the place where the eternal lo-fi New Age fantasies get realized. A place torn out of this world and time, and suspended somewhere above, existing in the clouds, somewhere between time and space. Transient is a document of the journey of conjured lands, existing between tape experiments and hazy analog synth ambience that loops forever, reminding the listener of the tropical sounscapes of Monopoly Child Star Searchers. The slowed-down, druggy pan flutes remain as a staple of Les Halles, this time becoming less prominent between drawn-out ambient experiments. Music to chill to after the turbulent election. I swear, this is the last political post on Weed Temple.

Furia – Guido


[ Pagan Records, 2016 ]

Grim sounds for the grim future? It appears so on the newest EP by the Silesian black metal masters Furia Guido, which was recorded in a location that was both very untypical and totally kvlt: the coal mine Guido, 320 meters below the ground. Guido is a wonderful homage to both the cold atmosphere of black metal and the industrial landscapes of Upper Silesia, where the Black Gold is extracted from the bowels of the Earth. The resulting sound is a bass-heavy black cloud hovering above the bleak soundscape (“1”, “2”, “Lew Albinos”) which isn’t afraid  to show a softer, experimental rock inspired side (“Hahary”, “Łączka”) that soon gets expanded on their freshly released LP Księżyc milczy lutyHighly recommended!

Sierść – It’s Easy


[ Self-released, 2016 ]

Another release from Warsaw based blackened noise metal unit Sierść and another mysterious kneeling woman on the cover. While the general sound of the album is shaped by the grim and frostbitten atmosphere of black metal, this time the band’s meanderings are more wide than ever, spanning genres such as hardcore, psychedelic rock, even evil krautrock at times. This is one malicious record: a distorted, lo-fi sounds makes perfect background for delirious, demonic guitar and frantic drumming, that manages to changes styles quite often. Add the vocalist that kinda sounds like something straight outta Operation Wandering Soul and you have a perfect mid-apocalyptic release. Recommended!

LOTTO – Elite Feline


[ Instant Classic, 2016 ]

Over 40 minutes of deserted psychedelic post-rock relying on a single solid riff thoroughout two side-long slow-burners from the Polish dead man rock supergroup Lotto. And by slow-burners, I mean really slow. Like the whole track is locked around one endlessly looped riff, the first track, “Rope”, being the slightly more energetic one, carrying the same theme, as in The Necks’ “Sex”, the same jazzy, smokey theme with more bass guitar this time; except for a little over 20 minutes, not over 60. The other side is a lot more sombre and post-rocky, pointing to an early Slint lost in post-industrial fog. While the previous LOTTO album was a fun trip into the desert, this one a journey through a desert after a nuclear weapon test. Recommneded!

Modality – Under the Shadow of This Red Rock


[ House of Watts, 2016 ]

Since the time of my 2012 review of Particle City, the Missoula based gang of psychedelic star-gazers Modality has expanded – both in the term of track lengths and musical inspirations, taking more cues from psychedelic rock, blues rock and German progressive electronics. The sound of the new LP is much more varied and stretched, like the liquid psych rock of “Rarefied Airwaves”, the fried blues of “Bullfrog Boyman” or the Berlinesque soundscape “Curtis’ Music Hall”. Sometimes the styles are mixed and a propelling krautrock beats are ignited (“I Will Show You Fear In a Handful of Dust”) or there is a straight-up Skullflower-like guitar distortion madness, like on “The Savage Sea of Krul”. A crazy record, very multilayered trip. Highly recommended!