7faz – Faza B


[ Nasiono Records, 2016 ]

Faza B is the second installment in the 7faz series (Polish for “7 phases”). Starting with letter A and extending up to the letter G, with each letter being released every month, 7faz is a conceptual meditation on improvisationFaza B is heavy on sleepy ambience, ominous tape loops coated under a layer of hissy dust and distant guitar licks building the haunted atmosphere. The output can be likened to the sprawling improvisations of the Norwegian ensemble Supersilent. The tracks build up at an almost geological pace, occasional trumpet or a saxophone blurt while drums slowly pick up the pace and a raspy male voice narrates a love poem among the pulsing wall of synths. It’s a dense, abstract piece of music. Demanding and rewarding. Check out the whole series.


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