Corum – Coastal Vudutronic Voyage


[ Moon Glyph, 2016 ]

Half-imagined observations from the deep water horizon: the new cassette by Grant Corum from the tropical-heavy psych electronic unit Million Brazilians rev0lves around the feverish, delirious areas of melted electronic psychedelics a’la Dolphins Into the Future or Ramzi. Coastal Vudutronic Voyage feels equally dreamy and busy, yet even more ornamental and multilayered at times, like a cleaner version of The Skaters or the digital version of synth-driven Popol Vuh. Who knows? Corum is like a journey through a foggy digital jungle that might start glitching and disappearing at any moment due to server overload – it’s fragile, yet flowery and dense, prone to glitches and cacophony, but at the same time very unique – and trippy. Recommended!


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