Forma – Physicalist


[ Kranky, 2016 ]

The new LP by the Brooklyn based synth trio Formacalled Physicalist. With an artwork done by Robert Beatty, the new release is fully informed by progressive electronics and Berlin school while retaining a unique balance between psychedelic and work-friendly. While most of Physicalist stays close to the more kosmische side, with deep cosmic drones and huge, spacious ambience, there are much more rhythmic moments, the ones when the listener can fall into the bliss of a simple endlessly repeated pattern (“Sane Man”, “Maxwell’s Demon”, “Physicalist”) or the moments of modern classical wonder, like on “As If Pianos Grew on Trees”, where the synths are replaced by pianos. Physicalist is a work of art, the one that slowly grows on the listener, but once it does, it stays. Highly recommended!


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