Imaginary Softwoods – Annual Flowers in Color


[ Mineral Disk, 2016 ]

Annual Flowers in Color is a 2016 compilation of demos and unreleased tracks recorded between 2011 and 2015 by John Elliott’s solo project Imaginary Softwoods. While the general shape of the album keeps the style similar to other IS releases – vast, sprawling analog synth ambient, illuminated, enveloping drones and heartfelt melodies; there are some interesting breakouts here. Like the occasional forays into the far more jagged, abstract areas, with glitching synths and abstract patterns (“Multiple Discovery”, “Calendula”), which indicate an intriguing, more anarchic undertones in Imaginary Softwoods’ primarily relaxing music. An overall hypnosis-inducing comp album, with some unusual points of interest. Recommended!


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