Modality – Under the Shadow of This Red Rock


[ House of Watts, 2016 ]

Since the time of my 2012 review of Particle City, the Missoula based gang of psychedelic star-gazers Modality has expanded – both in the term of track lengths and musical inspirations, taking more cues from psychedelic rock, blues rock and German progressive electronics. The sound of the new LP is much more varied and stretched, like the liquid psych rock of “Rarefied Airwaves”, the fried blues of “Bullfrog Boyman” or the Berlinesque soundscape “Curtis’ Music Hall”. Sometimes the styles are mixed and a propelling krautrock beats are ignited (“I Will Show You Fear In a Handful of Dust”) or there is a straight-up Skullflower-like guitar distortion madness, like on “The Savage Sea of Krul”. A crazy record, very multilayered trip. Highly recommended!


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