LOTTO – Elite Feline


[ Instant Classic, 2016 ]

Over 40 minutes of deserted psychedelic post-rock relying on a single solid riff thoroughout two side-long slow-burners from the Polish dead man rock supergroup Lotto. And by slow-burners, I mean really slow. Like the whole track is locked around one endlessly looped riff, the first track, “Rope”, being the slightly more energetic one, carrying the same theme, as in The Necks’ “Sex”, the same jazzy, smokey theme with more bass guitar this time; except for a little over 20 minutes, not over 60. The other side is a lot more sombre and post-rocky, pointing to an early Slint lost in post-industrial fog. While the previous LOTTO album was a fun trip into the desert, this one a journey through a desert after a nuclear weapon test. Recommneded!


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