Jakub Adamec – Are You Human? Confirmed.


Mik.Musik.!. / BDTA / Flesh & Brain, 2016 ]

The captcha codes. The simple words or phrases written in warped text in order to prevent computer algorithms from abusing different services, such as file storage systems. They became a target or ridicule, even getting memes centered around them, but also posed some unexpected deep philosophical questions, such as an eerie “are you human?”. 17 years after the release of The Matrix, reality is stranger than fiction, with the man becoming the President of the USA largely thanks to filter bubbles, bots and memes and the number of fake news sites proliferating to a degree no one can the bullshit from the truth. Czech musician Jakub Adamec plays on these sentiments, creating an album full of automated, fucked up dystopian technoid electronics ripe with plunderphonic experiments and speech synthesisers, like an evil James Ferraro making techno music. With its frenetic beats and a dusty, lo-fi atmosphere it creates an atmosphere of fear and alienation, the stand-out being “Take Me to the Light”, a hazy techno steamroller filled with bloodcurdling screams, like a Boiler Room party with a serial killer among the crowd. Are we human? Or are we just lines of code in a sophisticated simulation? 2016 seems more fucked up than ever before. And there’s still some 60 years to live. That’s pretty fucking terrifying. Recommended!


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