Çaykh – V I S C 0 2


[ V I S, 2016 ]

Imagine a vast, sprawling, unknown land full of fascinating places but you don’t have any map and you just get into exploring, not knowing what will happen or what might await you at the corner. Can you imagine this? Well, you’re imagining Westworld V I S C 0 2 right now, a new cassette by the German percussionist Nicolas Sheikholeslami operating under the moniker Çaykh. The cassette is a 1,5-hour sonic maze of what he considers “psychedelic music”. For him, it’s the lo-fi exotica and drum loops patched up with a lot of found sounds and samples. For all the abundance of the sonic weirdness happening there, I can definitely spot some Khun Narin in the mix, which is always a very promising lead. A true gem for all sorts of self-proclaimed musical ethnologists and Sublime Frequencies fans! Highly recommended!


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