Kristen – LAS


[ Instant Classic, 2016 ]

The eighth studio release by the Szczecin based rock group Kristen is their psychedelic to date, this time turning to minimalism and setting their organic jams on the foundation of trippy loops. While the concept of a simple, looping riff has been done many times before, to name Pharaoh Overlord, Cave or Oneida (and their labelmates Lotto) as some most obvious examples, Kristen’s songs are both smoother and smokier, ornamenting their music with gentle synths and a spacious atmosphere that somehow feels more mind-enhancing than the previous experiments with repetion. Not to mention the phenomenal interlude “Wyspa”, breaking the trance with a heavily layered, droning mass of sound that sounds like La Morte Young jamming with Spencer Clark. LAS was completely unexpected, and it blew me away. Highly recommended!


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