Ssaliva / Wanda Group – Birth Body


[ Woetone, 2013 ]

A seemingly colliding split release between Belgian hypnagogist François Boulanger a.k.a. Ssaliva and the British cryptic sound sculptor Louis Johnstone also known as Wanda Group. At first it sounds like both sides are from different galaxies: the contrast between Ssaliva’s nostalgic, sun-kissed synthwave and Wanda Group forever-locked-in-caps-lock-and-never-going-below-10-minutes musique concrete approach is almost too much to bear. But with each repeated listening, a common vision for hazy, enveloping psychedelic experience emerges that reaches beyond different approaches to music-writing (accessible, even catchy vs. abstract and challenging) and length of the tracks. Both musicians managed to create two unique soundworlds, Ssaliva being the drugged-up 80’s beach memory, and Wanda Group’s being the Ballardian terminal beach. Goodbye, Eniwetok. Highly recommended!


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