Mchy i Porøsty – Hypnagogic Polish Music For Teenage Mutants


[ Recognition, 2017 ]

Polish visual and audio artist Bartosz Zaskórski explores the half-forgotten, dusty memories as Mchy i Porøsty (Polish for “Moss and Lichens”), exploring the strange zone between being awake and asleep and trying to rebuild full compositions out of snippets of remembered moments from the deep past. The newest album by Mchy i Porøsty is as hypnagogic as it gets, erasing all semblance of clear melody or structure under a heavy shroud of faulty memories and the dust of past experiences. Distorted tape loops emerge and disappear under hazy drones and meticulous musique concrete in the vein of Wanda Group, except with some occasional thumping rhythms and a somewhat industrial air about it. Like drinking several beers in a car on a foggy parking lot and slowly drifting off to unconsciousness. Recommended (the album, not the drinking)!


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