Oneida & Rhys Chatham – What’s Your Sign?


[ Northern Spy, 2016 ]

The spirit of no wave is very well alive on this collaborative LP by one of the no wave era’s legendary guitarists Rhys Chatham and one of the most important developments in the NYC experimental rock scene, Oneida. Their collaboration was pretty much bound to go for the weirder, more distorted and atmospheric corners of the rock genre – and boy, it did. Nervous, chopped-up improvisations  collide with freewheeling psychedelic jams involving strange tunings and avant-garde compositional techniques, all to create a way of bridging the past and the future. Definitely an album to give you your fix of the forward-thinking guitar weirdness and to make you shut up about trippy guitar work for a while. At least while you’re working this one out. Recommended!


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