King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Flying Microtonal Banana


[ Flightless Records, 2017 ]

Flying Microtonal Banana is the first installment in the Australian band’s King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard ambitious plan to release 5 full length albums in 2017. And if they keep it as fresh with the four remaining albums as they do with this one, the year of 2017 might be theirs. Their electrifying mixture of microtonal music, psychedelic rock and krautrock is like a bomb being dropped on the musical year 2017: an energetic take on psychedelic music with an ear for great melody and intriguing compositional ideas, especially the microtones, which provide a great, off-kilter quality to the already trippy rock amassed on the album. Flying Microtonal Banana is one hell of a trans-African trip that’s sure to take you to the Great Beyond and back. Highly recommended!

The Big Drum In the Sky Religion – Songs the Ineffable Taught Us

The name of the releases sums up the style of Virginia based shamanic collective The Big Drum In the Sky Religion perfectly: “Eternal Freakout“. With an ever-rotating lineup these zone travellers have been playing some perfectly hypnotic total no-fi DIY jams since at least 2008, but with all these spirits zapping by they might have already started a few thousand years ago… Songs the Ineffable Taught Us might seem seriously abrasive and shrill at first (the beginning took my by surprise, I shouted “what the shit is this clusterfuck!?” in first shock), but soon it turns out it only enhances the trancelike quality of the communal tribalisms collected here. Pretty much like a US couterpart to the Silvester Anfang vehicle. Recommended!

Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura – Clifton Park, NY, Vol. 1 & 2

The Manchester based ultra-psych collective Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura is an adventure in multilayered hyperjamming. These live recordings from Clifton Park, recorded in the number of 8(!) musicians are some 100(!) minutes (both volumes combined) of tireless, incredibly groovy tripping while never losing its energy and touch. The harmony and understanding between musicians is impeccable, there’s some incredibly chemistry going on on those four side-long behemoths. Obviously, this is some heavyweight stuff, non-stop soloing and noodling, spearheaded by band leader Nick Mitchell (who is basically an European version of Acid Mothers Temple’s Kawabata Makoto) and expanding in all directions at once with the help of 7 other masters of their domains. Another mind-blowing release from the Soldados, highly recommended!

Lobster Priest – Hallucinatory Pagoda

God damn, when it comes to some really brain-frying ultra psychedelic fuzz rock, UK appears to be leading the way with highly volatile and explosive punches from behemoths such as Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, Skullflower, The Heads, and many more. Another fine offering from the total freakout camp is Lobster Priest from Newcastle Upon Tyne. Over 80 minutes of slow burners built around huge, fried riffs with layers upon layers of reverb and delay building around them until everything sounds more like the sea of pure guitar sludge than psychedelic rock. I think it might get so psychedelic that it’s like those moments when the drugs kick in too hard and you’re focusing like hell on just not dying. Highly recommended!

Antroprophh – Outside the Circle


Compared to the self-titled release, on the newest release the members of the Bristol psychedelic rock band Anthroprophh stay much closer to the bombastic, overdriven spirit of The Heads, the main vehicle of the band’s members. While the self-titled sounded like a psilocybin fueled soundtrack to a spy movie with low-profile, crawling music, Outside the Circle is an explosion of energy, an ecstatic upwards spiral, which walks triumphtantly through different shades of psych rock with disarming ease: there’s a bit of krautrock, space-rock, druggy post-punk and God know what else here. Vocals, guitar soloes, fuzzy sound, trippy effects and everything else a psych rock fan migtht need to have their receptors blown. Recommended!

White Manna – Come Down Safari


The newest release from the Arcata, CA based caverockers White Manna sees the guys slowing down a bit compared to their previous albums. Here, on the newest one (courtesy of Debacle Records, every once in a while they keep reminding me of their existence with yet another mindblowing album), the hypnotic krautrock lock-the-groove forever jams reign only partially, giving the way for psychedelic desert commune rituals, slowly evolving, yet always retaining the hallucinatory droning atmosphere filled with string ghosts and bassy afterimages. Go for a mind safari with White Manna. And prepare some food for the munchies.

Goat – Commune



Finally, after a few months of solitude and preparation, I’ve cleared up some of the fog in my life and got through all those bad vibes. Now the skies are clearer and the air is colder. And the autumn is going to be wonderful. I knew I had to come back with something that will kick you straight in the brain and here it is, straight from the oven, still hot from all the Sahara sun – the new album by the already legendary hyper-mysterious Swedish Nomads GoatCommune!It’s as heavy and kicking as ever, with some fried desert blues added to the fuzzy bass and the powerful vocals of the two female wailers who sound like possessed by some of those pagan spirits. The new LP is probably hotter and more trance-inducing than the debut, so instead of just smoking some dank ass weed, the Swedes must have also taken some ibogaine and seal the deal with some hash to create this furnace of an album. This is one hell of a ride.