Jocelyn Packard – Jocelyn Packard


[ Self-released, 2017 ]

I’ve been in luck when it comes to jammy, instrumental Polish bands. After Królestwo and Produkty Rolne comes time for a band named Jocelyn Packard. Little is known about them, apart form the fact they named themselves after an influential Twin Peaks character and they play the kind of neurotic, angry post-rock that was big before it went all GY!BE-like and lost most of its balls. However, this self titled debut album doesn’t give a fuck about being sentimental and goes instead for being angry, alienated, even tortured at times, when taking a sludgy, doomy turn. The slightly lo-fi production only enhances the smoggy mood. Recommended debut!

Horatio Clam – Psalms

First of all, imagine a hyper-ecletic and super-eloquent instrumental band. You are now imagining Tortoise. Second, make them a little more ecletic. Like, throw in an ability to play a sweet pop song once in a while or add some klezmer and bossa nova influences to the mix. What you get is Horatio Clama band from Detroit which proves that Motown isn’t all about abandoned factories, ghost quarters and self-destroying trap music. There’s always a ray of light and the mellowy psychedelic post-rock of Horatio Clam will soothe you and bring back hope and even quite some warmth in the wintertime. Recommended!

Raphi Gottesman – Signed, Noisemaker

Whoa, are you trying to tell me that this great cassette by the Oakland based guitarist Raphi Gottesman has been released in a run of ONLY 20 copies!? Apparentely, the Swedish label Fluere Tapes loves them some small numbers. Thanfully, it’s still available on the label’s Bandcamp as one of those numerous albums you can discard for being yet another noisy drone cassette (yeah, as f anyone still cared about hazy noise drone – what is this, 2010 or something!?), but which turns out to be an amazing set of post-rocky vistas with a sombre, slowcore edge never falling too far away from its ambient beginnings. Kinda like early Tarentel with a more lo-fi edge that fell in love with some simple guitar effects. Still, amazing. Highly atmospheric, higly recommended!

Inner Sound – Winter Batch

Cleverly disguised in old-school packaging that might lead one to believe that it’s quite an old gem laid with a slight slime of time, in this case: being haunted by a vinyl ghost that ocasionally will warp the recording, leading it into some quite unexpected ways. This is a collection of whooping, funky beats that get warmer and sweatier with each track, to blend into a clubby atmosphere that will eventually warm melt everything in the nearest distance, including the snow amassed at the cover. Just place the record sleeve near the turntable. Can it be possible that the hottest beats this winter are from Brooklyn, not from Los Angeles? I dunno. Inner Sound’s sounding pretty hot so far. Recommended!

Howie Wonder – Within

Now here’s something for the more beat-research oriented crowd who might be looking for some phat, blazed samples with hot production that isn’t afraid to break the mold by skipping a beat or two here and there. From the wonderfully named PDX label Purr Tapes comes a 30 minute cassette from Howie Wonder with crisp, cosmic beats FlyLo would be proud of. I kinda slept on this one, as the cassette is already sold out, but I’ll try to make up by embedding the stream you can listen to while lighting up your next bowl.

Nevada Greene – Across Our Wide Misery


The four piece instrumental band Nevada Greene provides perfect daydreaming background music with their ambient soaked guitar compositions that may either become some of the best studying music for some people or the source of a major zone-out for others. Either way, you should check this out, because there’s some real beauty hidden in the simlicity of the tracks. And since the best things happen to those who wait, there’s a heavenly violin making a presence in the last track. Recommended!