Artykuły Rolne – Dobrze to już było


[ Self-released, 2016 ]

Last year’s album by the Polish noise rock unit Artykuły Rolne (which could be translated as “Agricultural Commodities”) is a shackled beast, which is struggling to free itself and sometimes spews scorching fire. The amount of energy and layers contained on this LP could be given to a few albums by a few bands, and the sheer, cosmic lysergic energy is conjured by heavily effect-laden walls of guitar noise and heavy, doomy drumming. When you name one of your tracks “Kosmos”, you gotta go huge. And goddamn, they do. This amount of heady, wide-eyed psychedelia is rarely to be seen. It’s almost like an anomaly. There should be more anomalies like this. Highly fucking recommended.

Kaseciarz – Motörcycle Rock And Roll

Two years after the release of their debut Surfin’ Małopolska, which took the Polish underground by the storm, the boys from the self proclaimed “low budget rock and roll band” Kaseciarz (which loosely translates to “cassette fan” or “cassette maniac”) took their guitars to another level and released a truly (kraut)rocking piece of motorik bliss filled with ugly fuzz and foot-stomping power. There’s definitely much charm in the band’s low budget, resulting in the uniquely lo-fi (maybe not as much lo-fi as the band’s debut album) sound filled with delayed vocals and infectious, wasted riffage. Kinda like a compressed, shortened version of Pharaoh Overlord. Highly recommended for all fans of garagey psych/krautrock!