Nico Niquo – In a Silent Way


[ Orange Milk Records, 2017 ]

Hey there! You know what? The second full-length by Nico Callaghan a.k.a. Nico Niquo is out and it’s just as lovely as the debut one, except better. How? Probably because it fuses together the two schools of ambient music: one is the more rigid, sequencer-driven one, relying upon clear time signatures and mathematical precision, the other being ethereal, rhythmless tracks that rely purely upon atmosphere. In a Silent Way sounds like R Plus Seven that got its ADHD medication and manages to become slower and more coherent while retaining the relaxed, calming atmosphere. Recommended!

Nico Niquo – Epitaph

Daaaaaamn, how do we name this new thing?! R-plus-sevenwave? Darkwebcore? Damn, I dunno. But this Orange Milk tape by the Melbourne based web-gazer Nico Callaghan a.k.a. Nico Niquo is surely inspired by the hyperreal sound. It’s almost like everyone’s trying to one-up each other in creating hyper-pristine computer-generated sceneries devoid of a single speck of dust, a single aberration. Shiny surfaces reflecting the imagined surroundings located high above, among the clouds, up in the sky. And sometimes it gets a little dancey, like the dystopian beats of Jam City at their most deconstructionist, but without losing its antiseptic, ultra hi-fi quality. Is this the future yet?