Jocelyn Packard – Jocelyn Packard


[ Self-released, 2017 ]

I’ve been in luck when it comes to jammy, instrumental Polish bands. After Królestwo and Produkty Rolne comes time for a band named Jocelyn Packard. Little is known about them, apart form the fact they named themselves after an influential Twin Peaks character and they play the kind of neurotic, angry post-rock that was big before it went all GY!BE-like and lost most of its balls. However, this self titled debut album doesn’t give a fuck about being sentimental and goes instead for being angry, alienated, even tortured at times, when taking a sludgy, doomy turn. The slightly lo-fi production only enhances the smoggy mood. Recommended debut!

Złota Jesień – Girl Nothing

Back in the day, I was blown away by “Młynów”, a single by the Warsaw “dream punk gtr noise” band Złota Jesień (“Golden Autumn”). Now they’re back with a proper full length, Girl Nothing, which really kicks ass. That single was just a warm-up, this is a proper thing. Blending classic emo, frenetic noise rock, cold post-punk experimentalism and a knack for post-hardcore anthemic melodies, they put this this huge meaty slab of underground rock. Like a thick pizza topped with a double layer of fuzz on top in the form of head-thrashing “Xanax OD Grindcore Lover”, which builds up like a Sonic Youth jam gone off with all the sensors gone off the scale. Highly recommended!

Hokei – Don’t Go

This multi-armed (and multi-legged, considering they’ve got not only one, but TWO drummers!) Polish monster will blow your hats away with their melodic labirynth which fuses math rock, noise rock and post-rock (think the early 90’s post-rock, when was still raw and punky – i.e. Slint, Rodan, Shipping News etc.) into a lengthy joyride that never gets tiring or trapped in their own “mathematic” approach. Highly recommended, there is a possiblity that once you get hooked on the opening killer “Primax”, you’ll be glued to the album for a long time. POLISH POWER!!!

ShitSleeper – ShitSleeper II: “RAW MONO”

This collection of “blown out demos from another life” came to me on cassette with just this tracklist and liner notes (pictured above) on the cover, so I had absolutely no idea what I’m dealing with. While most cassettes already give some idea what will be there – blurry, bright covers usually indicate ambient while the ones covered with elaborate drawings usually contain wild psych rock jams, and finally the ones with dark/rusty/blackened covers usually bring some noise filth. This one was a total mystery and a total surprise – as expected, it was neither of those styles. What I got instead is a collection of hot as hell noise rock/post-punk/post-hc hymns – distorted and lo-fi songs, all played by Alec Gabin himself (on all instruments – the drums, the guitar, the vocals). “Raw Mono” is an eclectic album full of different styles of moods – the opening “Warped” is an overdriven sludge assault, while the “Hungry Hiway” is almost a ballad, although with a dirty indie edge. Great, great ROCK music that seemingly came out of nowhere and bought a place in my heard. Highly recommended!